Real-Time Multi Gas Analysis

Enironmental surveillance control

Environmental Surveillance

Tunable multi gas analysers are designed to monitor, and consequently reduce climate gas emissions.  With a compact, online and maintenance-free gas analyser, it is now possible to measure emissions in applications where no viable solutions have been available until now.  Tunable offers multiple solutions for emission surveillance:

  • SO2 and CO2 emission for the marine scrubber market
  • nmVOC (non methane Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Emission control 

Natural gas processing

Tunable natural gas analyser is analysing gas compositions in various applications for LNG, Natural Gas and Biogas.  By offering maintenance-free online gas analysers with fast response times, Tunable has been able to simplify the way the industry is conducting natural gas analysis. Typically application are: 

  • BoG calorific value and wobbe index calculation
  • Gas analysis for engine control
  • Custody transfer
  • Process control
Fish health welfare


Tunable has developed the Watersense Technology for obtaining full control of CO2 levels in water for fish farms. Recent research has identified that CO2 levels in land-based and closed fish farms play an important role for both the welfare and growth of fish. Thus, measuring and controlling CO2 levels is highly important for the fish farming industry.

  • CO2 measurements in water

Process Control

 Tunable multi gas analyser is providing fast, reliable real-time data for improved process controls.  The system is designed for easy operation with a minimum of maintenance, reducing overall operational costs for the processing plant. 

  • Process and emission control
tunnel1 rund ver2-1

Tunnel Monitoring

Tunable’s sensor technology can be used for monitoring gases in numerous applications. In tunnels, Tunable’s analysers are used to monitor air quality and through this, control operation of the ventilation system. Combining analysis of all gases into a single multi gas analyser simplifies operations and reduces costs for road authorities.

  • Air quality control in tunnels

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