Quality control and spoilage detection of fresh produce

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Fruits and vegetables emit gases that contain valuable information about the state of the produce. Being able to accurately and efficiently measure these gases provides the opportunity to detect, control, and manage important processes in the storage and distribution of fresh produce.

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Quality control and spoilage detection of fresh produce


With Tunable's unique and groundbreaking gas analyser technology, we enable our customers to turn invisible gases into valuable data. We add value to the Fruits & Vegetables industry by utilizing our technology to monitor, detect, and control ripening and decay of fresh produce efficiently, accurately, and at scale at various points in the value chain in real-time. From detecting different types of mould development on apples in controlled atmosphere (CA) rooms to helping distribution centres identify rot in pallets, we contribute to combating food waste, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

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Many ship owners currently opt to assess their emissions by relying on off-the-shelf emissions factors multiplied by fuel consumption. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to an overestimation of emissions, consequently resulting in shipowners paying significantly higher taxes than necessary. By adopting a more sophisticated and individualized approach to emission monitoring, ship owners can not only reduce their tax burden but also contribute to a more environmentally sustainable and economically efficient maritime sector. Use the calculator to estimate just how much you can save!

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Replicating nature´s sense of smell

All human senses, except the Sense of Smell, have been artificially improved, digitalised and miniaturised. Tunable has a groundbreaking solution for a miniaturised analyser replicating nature´s sense of smell.