Boil-off gas analysis to improve CII rating and fuel transparency

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LNG Carriers utilize boil-off gas (BoG)from the cargo as fuel. The BoG composition varies with LNG cargo and changes during a voyage. Replacing conventional estimation procedures with a Tunable natural gas analyser is the first step LNG shippers should take, aiming to improve their fleet’s greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint according to CII requirements.

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Boil-off gas analysis to improve CII rating and fuel transparency


Taking Nitrogen Out of the Equation

The Boil-Off Gas (BoG)contains significant non-greenhouse gas nitrogen (N2). IMO allows ship owners to deduct nitrogen consumption from the reported fuel mix. As nitrogen evaporates first, even a small amount in LNG can contribute to a substantial portion (up to 10-15%) of nitrogen in the vessel's fuel. BoG nitrogen consumption varies based on factors like LNG quality, voyage length, vessel speed, weather conditions, and equipment status. Continuous measurement of BoG streamlines documentation for IMO and charterers, offering ship owners a strategic advantage. Accurate BoG measurement is crucial for validating improved Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) claims, making continuous measurement the most effective way to calculate nitrogen consumed as fuel.

Tax Savings Calculator

Many ship owners currently opt to assess their emissions by relying on off-the-shelf emissions factors multiplied by fuel consumption. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to an overestimation of emissions, consequently resulting in shipowners paying significantly higher taxes than necessary. By adopting a more sophisticated and individualized approach to emission monitoring, ship owners can not only reduce their tax burden but also contribute to a more environmentally sustainable and economically efficient maritime sector. Use the calculator to estimate just how much you can save!

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Replicating nature´s sense of smell

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