Unleash the value of gas data in any area

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In traditional gas analysis, transforming gas concentrations into valuable insights can be complex. To simplify, it's common to monitor only the most prominent and well-defined gases in the process or environment. While this approach works well for 'closed world' problems with known and defined rules, it falls short in 'open world' scenarios where rules are hard to specify or unknown (e.g., natural or biological processes). Identifying which gases are most significant to analyse in such cases can be challenging and costly. Enter Gas Fingerprint Recognition: a novel technology enabling efficient real-time monitoring of dynamic and complex gas compositions in challenging environments.

Gas Fingerprint Recognition represents a fresh approach to gas analysis. Using finely tuned machine learning algorithms, we can classify the optical fingerprint of a gas mix based on the continuous stream of data collected. Leveraging this unique technology, we can peer into the invisible world of gases to efficiently determine the state of a process or environment, even when the gases present are highly complex or unknown. Instead of measuring the concentrations of predetermined gases, as is the case with traditional gas analysis, Gas Fingerprint Recognition directly outputs the measured state.

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Unleash the value of gas data in any area


A significant strength of Gas Fingerprint Recognition is its methodological flexibility. It can be applied across numerous applications and use cases where the goal is to decipher the information encoded in gases to detect, control, and optimize a process. Some potential areas of application include:

Industrial process control and optimization

Quality control (e.g., in the food and beverage industry, feed, or pharmaceuticals)

Environmental surveillance

Air quality monitoring

Hazardous gas detection

Whether you represent an industrial company, a data company, or a system integrator, reach out to us and let us help you assess whether Gas Fingerprint Recognition could bring value to your operations.

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