Charting a Sustainable Course: Tunable's Vision for Immediate Decarbonisation in Maritime Shipping

Hydrogen and Ammonia are poised to play pivotal roles in the decarbonisation of the maritime shipping industry. However, the impact of these initiatives won't manifest immediately. The pressing question we must address is: What short-term actions can accelerate the decarbonization processes? At Tunable, we advocate for the direct measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from maritime shipping, based on the strong confidence in what gets measured also gets managed.

Ship owners who have embraced direct GHG measurement have uncovered numerous advantages:

Direct and indirect cost savings

Direct cost savings stem from measured emissions being lower than estimated, resulting in a 5-15% reduction in the (EU ETS) carbon tax. Additional indirect savings are realized through enhanced operational efficiency, as crews, armed with emissions data, can optimize engine performance to consume less fuel.


Reduced administration time

Streamlining labour-intensive procedures empowers seafarers to focus on their core responsibilities, relegating routine reporting tasks to an automated system. Such systems not only diminish errors but also eliminate the need for troubleshooting and corrections to accurate historical data.


Building a base of quality customers

Charterers across diverse industries are increasingly prioritizing the measurement, management, and reduction of their scope 3 emissions as part of their sustainability commitments. Shipowners employing direct emissions measurements stand out, attracting customers who consider factors beyond price alone.


Improved regulatory compliance

While emission factors have been in use for many years, we foresee their limited shelf life within maritime shipping. Ship owners with foresight will implement direct measurements as soon as possible, ensuring enhanced regulatory compliance for the future.


In conclusion, our commitment at Tunable is to inspire proactive, measurable steps in the present to achieve a sustainable and decarbonised future in maritime shipping. By prioritizing GHG measurements, ship owners not only contribute to immediate benefits but also position themselves as leaders in the evolving landscape of environmental responsibility.

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Replicating nature´s sense of smell

All human senses, except the Sense of Smell, have been artificially improved, digitalised and miniaturised. Tunable has a groundbreaking solution for a miniaturised analyser replicating nature´s sense of smell.

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