Making the world’s most versatile gas analyzer

Tunable AS was founded in 2015 by Thor Bakke (PhD) and Ib-Rune Johansen (PhD) and is located in Oslo Science Park in Norway. We are making the world’s most versatile gas analyser to detect multiple gases simultaneously, at high sensitivity with a small and robust device that can be adapted to the wide range of applications that are out there: alarm systems and fiscal measurements in the oil and gas industry, environmental monitoring, water quality monitoring in drinking water or in the fish farming industry, dissolved gas analysis (DGA) that can prevent transformers catching on fire, patient monitoring during surgery, and many more.

Our sensor is based on micro- and nanotechnology, with our two core components being a tunable optical filter and an optical microphone. In combination with a neatly designed excitation chamber and custom-built electronics, these components enable something called photo acoustic gas detection that fits inside a cup of coffee.



Thor Bakke,PhD
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

PhD Photonics, Electronics – MEMS specialist. Multiple patents including the optical filter. Background from SINTEF, R&D Manager in Fraunhofer IPMS in Germany as well as Research Engineer at Sandia National Labs in USA



Ib-Rune Johansen, PhD
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

PhD Physics FTIR and diode laser spectroscopy. Research Manager at SINTEF MicroOptics, multiple patents within spectroscopy including commercialized solutions for Tomra, Titech, GaSecure(Dräger), poLight as well as Simtronics



Kristian Hovet, MSc
Chief Executive Officer

MSc in Product Development. Specialist in tech company development. Background includes VP roles in business and tech development, supply chain and quality in international micro electronic companies (BHGE, GE, Presens, OSI, AME)