T2000 - CEMS

Marine CEMS Analyzer

SO2/CO2 reporting made easy

Tunable T2000 - Marine CEMS analyzer is designed to simplify emissions monitoring. The sample cell design ensures fast exchange of the sample gas keeping the response time at a minimum.

The analyzer is designed to meet the requirements from MARPOL Annex VI and Resolution MEPC.259(68) "2015 GUIDELINES FOR EXHAUST GAS CLEANING SYSTEMS"

The combination of a reliable and field proven IR source, our proprietary MEMS tunable filter and no moving parts ensures a robust solution with a minimum level of required maintenance. The Tunable T2000 - Marine CEMS ensures low cost of operation and is suitable for new installations and retrofit.

Key benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Ease of operation
  • Compact design
  • No moving parts
  • No consumables
  • Factory calibrated
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 Component  Range
 SO2  0-200 ppm
 CO2  0-15 %
 H2O  0-1000 ppm
 SO2/CO2 ratio  According to MEPC.259(68)




The analyzer is designed for the current applications:

  • Marine Emission monitoring
  • SO2 Scrubber optimization
  • Other applications available on request